Liam Neeson visits ESPN and swears on air: “Are we live? oh, sh*t.”

With Taken 2 coming to DVD this week, we’d like to rehash this classic video clip from a few months ago…

Somebody didn’t do their homework and left actor Liam Neeson out to dry big time. Neeson was a guest on ESPN’s Sportscenter when he was asked about the New York Jets, but the trouble is Neeson doesn’t follow football. So when asked about the Jets, Neeson paused and then swore on air, “Ok, we better start again — can we? Are we live? oh, sh*t.”

When the questioning continued, Neeson replied, “You’re speaking ancient Arabic to me buddy.” We’re sure Neeson would have loved to use some of those deadly techniques from his Taken series and used them on some ESPN producer.

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