Former NFL player goes pee pee in his pants

Former Washington Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot had a bad night. He got drunk, he got behind the wheel, he got arrested…

Then he peed his pants while being booked at the police station. File under: Urine trouble Mister.

According to the affidavit of US Capitol Police officer Seth Carll, Smoot “peed his pants” while being processed. The pee pee made “a puddle on the floor,” Carll stated. “[Another officer] witnessed the urine running down his pant leg and onto the floor. [Smoot] did not express that he had to use the restroom.”

Claiming that his client, fomer Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot, lawyer Brian K. McDaniel says that Smoot is the target of a false claim intended to “embarrass” him and “sensationalize” his arrest, according the Washingtonian.

The police affidavit is something hard to defend as just something made up, but McDaniel will take a crack at it:

“Much has been made of the allegation that Mr. Smoot urinated on himself while being held in the ‘search area’ of the First District Precinct. This allegation is plainly false and was included in the report only to embarrass Mr. Smoot when it was predictably ‘picked up and ran with’ by the local and national media.

“So that I am clear, Mr. Smoot did not urinate on himself while in the precinct or at any other time during or while he was in custody. A fair and objective review of the Affidavit created by Officer Carll reveals that the portion reporting these intentionally embarrassing mistruths are memorialized in hand writing as an add on to the rest of the report which was done in type set. (Please review the Affidavit).

“These Affidavits are historically completed by law enforcement officers after the completion of the processing of anyone who is arrested. Unless Officer Carll broke with protocol and began to do his paperwork prior to the processing of Mr. Smoot (an occurrence which is highly unlikely) this information was included as an after thought and only to sensationalize the arrest of Mr. Smoot.”

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