Darnell Dockett: ‘I like girls with a couple stab wounds, bullet holes…’

Darnell Dockett is a funny dude… First he hollers at the Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb on Twitter. When McCarron replied, Dockett broke it down hood style.

Dockett let loose on the college kid, he told Bickley & MJ on XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix:

“If I really wanted to get his girl there’s a bunch of different ways I’d have went about it. And I would have got her if I really wanted her.

But I don’t think she’s my type. I’m not into the thinner girls and the modeling thing like that. I like hood chicks. I like girls with a couple stab wounds, bullet holes, been knocked up a few times.  I like girls who you know have bad credit when they’re 21.”

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