Pilar Sanders’ attorney shot at in Dallas

Pete Schulte, the lawyer for Deion Sanders’ estranged wife Pilar, had his office in Dallas shot at by an unknown gunman.

He says he’s never received any actual death threats, but the shots appear to have targeted his office as someone used a high powered rifle to hit the 6th floor office, shattering a window.

Schulte was pretty annoyed that it took police a full hour to get to the scene, but he said a supervisor explained later that the call had been classified as “criminal mischief,” not an “active shooter.”

“I could’ve cared less if they came up to my office. I just wanted them to infiltrate the area to see if they could find a guy with a long gun.”

In related news, Deion Sanders was last seen in the Dallas Area in the window of the school book depository.

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