Bad Chad: Evelyn finds receipt for Condoms, Chad Johnson get arrested

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson was arrested last night for allegedly head butting his new wife during an argument outside their home.

According to Davie, FL Police Department Captain Dale Engle, Chad and Evelyn went to a restaurant for dinner, and when they returned home, she found a receipt for a box of condoms. Rut roh! That’s bad Chad.

As we saw last week on HBO’s Hard Knocks, Johnson explained how Evelyn withheld sex from him until he scored a touchdown while he played for the New England Patriots. Turns out, Chad could only muster one, just one measly touchdown in New England. That’s one roll in the hay for the season.

“When I am not doing well, she’s actually the worst critic of them all; I didn’t have sex the entire season last year because of my play. Well, when I scored a touchdown, well, she allowed me to score. But after that I went back on cobweb mode”, Chad said.

Looks like Chad had a few other options to get through the cobwebs. Sorry Evelyn, but that’s what happens when you meet guys on Twitter. 

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