Herm Edwards wears cheap Walmart Patriots hoodie for ESPN segment

Citing budget constraints at ESPN, the production crew for Herm Edwards’ SportsCenter pep talk segment decided to get their “Belichick Hoodie” from a local Walmart, rather than forking over big bucks at the Patriots Pro Shop for the real deal.

“It looks just like it,” production assistant Carl Banacek said. “Sure the logo’s like fuckin’ huge and the gray’s much lighter, but who can tell the difference. This is gonna be so cool.”

A real Bill Belichick hoodie

“I didn’t think it looked at all like the real thing, but no one listened to me,” said lighting director Julie Tannenbaum. “I asked if we could at least iron the hood, and they shot that down too. It was a wrinkled mess.”

The crew was sort of vindicated after the show was aired when local sports station NESN proudly posted “Herm Edwards Gives Patriots a Pep Talk, Rocks a Bill Belichick Hoodie”.

“See, even they couldn’t tell the difference, and they’re from New England,” said Jim Splendor, producer. “Unless the guys at NESN are complete morons, I’d say we pulled it off.”





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