Never commit a crime with a Yankees logo tattooed on your forehead: meet Carlos Sturgus

Some criminals are very intelligent.

Mr. Sturgus is not one of those criminals. He might be the dumbest criminal of all time and that is saying a lot.

If the description of a shooting suspect includes the New York Yankees logo tattooed to his forehead, it really cuts down on the guesswork.

That’s how 21-year-old Carlos Benito Sturgus got caught making another awful life decision last week in Mesa, as police say he admitted to shooting a guy from the balcony of an apartment.

The witness told police he knew who shot the man, because of his nickname and, ya know, having the friggin’ Yankees logo inked between his eyes.

Mesa police detectives located Sturgus in Glendale on Tuesday, and he admitted to shooting the man, according to the documents.

There are a lot of Yankees fans in Arizona, but come on. Part of being criminal is having the ability to blend in, this isn’t like the comic books where the criminals dress up in costume.

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