Judge tells Floyd Mayweather Jr. he’s staying in jail

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is undoubtedly one of the world’s elite boxers and has millions of fans when he steps inside the squared circle, but it’s outside of the ring that he fails to impress many people. Mayweather was facing up to 34 years in prison for domestic abuse after an altercation last year with the mother of three of his children. He struck a deal with the prosecution and received a three-month sentence on Dec. 22 after felony charges were dropped.

Mayweather finally started his sentence on June 1 after a judge postponed it so he could fight in May against Miguel Cotto. However, after 10 days in jail the boxer decided he’d had enough. His lawyer Richard Wright then filed a 35-page emergency motion that requested Mayweather be allowed to serve the rest of his time under house arrest or be placed in the jail’s general population. He’s currently serving his time in a segregated area for his own protection.

Wright stated that Mayweather should be released because of inhumane conditions such as poor food and water and no training facilities. The lawyer argued that Mayweather isn’t consuming enough calories, is losing muscle tone, and his boxing career could be jeopardized in jail. Melissa Saragosa, a Las Vegas judge flatly denied the motion on June 13 and said Mayweather should drink and eat what he’s given if he’s hungry.

She said the boxer has access to water 24 hours a day and the only reason he’s not consuming enough calories is because he’s refusing to eat the meals served to him. The judge added that Mayweather also has access to training and exercise facilities if he wants to use them, but admitted that he has to use them at specific times of the day.

Wright said he wasn’t looking for special treatment for his 35-year-old client, but had the boxer’s personal physician visit him in jail to check on his condition. The doctor, Robert Voy, said Mayweather was losing a lot of muscle tone because he was consuming about 800 calories a day instead of the three to four thousand that he’s used to. He added that Mayweather wasn’t drinking enough water, but it turns out he has access to tap water, but doesn’t like it and prefers bottled water.

Voy wrote an affidavit regarding Mayweather’s condition and said he’s concerned that the boxer is bottling all of his anger up inside because he can’t release it through training like he usually does. He added that Mayweather has been involved with boxing for most of his life and is the type of person that could contribute to society after retiring naturally.

Many boxing forums and other websites condemned Mayweather and Wright’s request for house arrest and it looks like he isn’t getting any sympathy from the public and authorities. Lisa Luzaich, one of the prosecutors, said in court that Mayweather’s in jail and asked if the boxer thought he was headed to the Four Seasons to serve his sentence.

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