Former USC defensive back Kevin Ellison: “God told me to burn my apartment down”

Former USC top defensive back Kevin Ellison is officially batshit. On Thursday night, he lit his apartment of fire with a marijuana-filled cigar (what young folks refer to as a ‘Blunt’). Not only did he commit weed sacrilege, but has also claimed that God told him to do it.

He initially told investigators that the fire was caused because he was smoking in bed, but later confessed to the special request by god almighty.

Ellison, who played briefly for the San Diego Chargers after USC, currently plays for the Arena Football League’s Spokane Shock.

After granting god’s request to light the apartment ablaze, he reportedly jumped from the 3rd-story unit.  Lucky for him, his only injury was a little smoke inhalation. He could have just smoked that blunt if all he was looking for was a little smoke inhalation.

Spokane Valley Fire Marshal Kevin Miller told the Spokesman-Review that federal arson charges were standard for arson cases involving large apartment complexes. Ellison was arrested later Thursday.

Shock owner Brady Nelson said Ellison had sent text messages to people Thursday night claiming he was Jesus and was part of the Second Coming, KXLY-TV of Spokane reported.

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